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I’m not new to Twitter, but have had a very hard time getting “into it”. I’ll tweet for a few days in a row and then I may not tweet again for weeks or months. This is definitely not a successful approach to Twitter. Last week I sat down for drinks with my buddy Chris Reimer, Social Media Expert, to discuss how he utilizes Twitter as a tool (he is very successful with it).

What I came away with is that Twitter is deceptively easy to use. Meaning, it seems very easy to use on the surface. Let me clarify, Twitter is not difficult to use, actually an idiot could USE it, but you need to know a few tips and tricks in order for you to understand how to UTILIZE Twitter. Whether you use it to keep up with friends or to market your brand to a worldwide audience I imagine your goal would be to get the most from it, right? What would be the point of complicating your life with another thing to check or mess with unless it will somehow make your life easier or provided some type of ROI.

Over good conversation and beers Chris was kind enough to share his secrets with me…not like he had a choice after those Guinnesses! Today he also wrote a blog post with some of those tips 7 Twitter tips. If you are a Twitter novis or pro, I would highly suggest you check out what ole’ boy has to say.

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  1. Chris Reimer says:

    You rock dude! Thank you for the kind writeup. If you want some Twitter tips sometime, I’d be glad to pay you a visit and show you how it all works

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